High Temperature Mounted Bearings

HU series high temperture ball bearing

HU-KX series high temperature mounted ball bearings for use in applications above 212 °F.
Designed to operate continuously and provide long PM intervals up to 500 °F at speeds up to 3600 RPM.

HU-KX Series Ball Bearing Features

Proven Performance
Autoclave fan: 2000 RPM, 400 F, 1-1/2" HU-KX series pillow block bearing: "Just wanted to let you know that we are celebrating our 5th month running the bearing you got for us. It seemed like we were never going to get a bearing that would go a month let alone five. Thanks again for your help in this matter and look forward to having you deal with whatever problems we may encounter in the future. Thanks again, Mike Y. and Mike B." HEXCEL CORP.

High temperature red silicone seal Stainless steel shields Specialty formulated high temperature grease HTB High temperature ball bearing
  • Maximum intermittent temperature: 500 °F
  • Continuous use temperature range: -45°F to 400 °F
  • Maximum speed: up to 3600 RPM (dependent upon bearing size)
  • Heat stabilized 52100 bearing steel and balls
  • Self-aligning outer race, C4 internal clearance
  • Steel ball bearing cage
  • High temperature red silicone seals and 302 stainless steel shields that keep contamination out and grease in
  • Specialty formulated HTB550 high temperature, long lasting, non-hardening grease that will last for months without re-lubrication
  • Set screw shaft locking
  • Can be greased and maintained
  • Pair with any solid or split mounted bearing housing in cast iron, stainless steel, or ductile iron
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with most major brands
  • Available with HTB custom lubrication, solid carbon lubrication, and anti-wear/anti-corrosion surface treatments


HTB Housings are dimensionally interchangeable with most brands, and are manufactured in a wide range of designs.
2-Bolt Pillow Block 2-Bolt Flange 4-Bolt flange Piloted Flange 3-Bolt Bracket Tap Base Pillow Block

Standard: Enamel painted cast iron housing with installed HU-KX series ball bearing

Corrosive Service: Cast 304 stainless steel housing - widely accepted as an excellent material for use in food service or wet applications - with installed HU-KX series ball bearing that has been through our anti-corrosion treatment will outperform standard stainless steel bearings.

Split: Split, high strength, ductile iron housing with installed HU-KX series ball bearing. Ideal for hot swapping conveyor rolls and other mill equipment without the need to align flanges.

Split 2-Bolt Flange Split 4-Bolt Flange Split 2-Bolt Pillow Block

cooling bed conveyor

Mounted Ball Bearing Data

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