CG Series: Split Thrust Plates

CG-1 Thrust Plate CG-3 Thrust Plate

Hydrodynamic thrust bearings operate under load with an oil film fully separating all bearing surfaces. Standard non-expansions CG-1 and CG-3 series bearings are supplied with split, bearing grade bronze, bumper thrust plates. If analysis of the applications requires a more advanced solution we offer designs with increased load capacity and reduced operating temperature.

All standard HTB thrust plate options will operate in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

CG-Series Standard Split Thrust Plates:

Thrust Collar P/N
CG-1 Bore Ø
CG-3 Bore Ø
CG1-TP3438-ASM 3  7/16" -
CG1-TP3938-ASM 3 15/16" -
CG1-TP4438-ASM 4  7/16" -
CG1-TP4938-ASM 4 15/16" -
CG1-TP5438-ASM 5  7/16" -
CG1-TP6000-ASM 6" -
CG3-TP3938-ASM - 3 15/16"
CG3-TP4438-ASM - 4 7/16"
CG3-TP4938-ASM - 4 15/16"
CG3-TP5438-ASM - 5 7/16"
CG3-TP6000-ASM - 6"
CG3-TP7000-ASM - 7"

Thrust Plate Options:

Bumper Thrust
Bumper thrust plate
Stepped Land
Stepped land thrust plate
Tilt Pad Thrust
Tilt Pad thrust plate

HTB’s low profile stepped land and tilt pad thrust bearings, have exceptional axial load capacity while generating minimal heat in a closed oil ring lubricated bearing. Their thin profile allows for a direct exchange with a basic bumper thrust plate. The stepped land design offers approximately 1.5x greater load capacity while the tilt pad offers more than 2x the load capacity of a bumper thrust bearing.