Stainless Steel Mounted Bearings

SUC series stainless ball bearing

SUC/SNA series 440C stainless steel, setscrew and eccentric collar locking, mounted ball bearings. For food handling, refrigeration and corrosive applications from -10°F to 248 °F.

SUC/SNA Series Ball Bearing Features

Stainless steel setscrew ball bearing Stainless steel eccentric locking bearing
  • Continuous use temperature range: -10°F to 248 °F
  • Maximum speed: up to 3600 RPM (dependent upon bearing size)
  • Corrosion resistant 440C bearing steel and balls
  • Self-aligning outer race, C3 internal clearance
  • Stainless steel ball bearing cage
  • Red silicone seals and 302 stainless steel shields to keep contamination out of the bearing and grease in
  • Factory lubricated with ISO 220, H-1 food grade grease
  • Set screw or eccentric collar shaft locking mechanism
  • Can be greased and maintained
  • Cast 304 stainless steel or thermoplastic (PBT) housings
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with most major brands
  • Available with HTB custom lubrication, solid carbon lubrication, and anti-wear/anti-corrosion surface treatments


 Housings are dimensionally interchangeable with most brands, and are manufactured in a wide range of designs.
2-Bolt Pillow Block 2-Bolt Flange 4-Bolt flange Piloted Flange 3-Bolt Bracket Tap Base Pillow Block

304 Stainless Steel: Cast with smooth faces to reduce adhesion and trapping of contaminates - widely accepted for use in food service or chemical applications - it's corrosion resistance and high strength will not be compromised by chipping, scratching or heating.

Thermoplastic: Economical, smooth, glass reinforced PBT resin. For light duty, -10°F to 210 °F applications, where resistance to oils, fluids, and chemicals found in food processing is a priority.

End Caps: Plastic housing end caps are available to protect the bearing from contamination and increase safety from a rotating shaft.

Cast 304 Stainless Steel bearing housing FDA grade thermoplastic bearing housing

food handeling conveyor

Mounted Ball Bearing Data

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