Bearing Services

Custom bearings and product optimization

Custom High Temperature Ball Bearings

For minor modification such as special grease, parts made in a different material or a custom bore we offer minor customization with minimal impact to lead time. For specialty castings or bearings, we will evaluate applications through engineering and provide options for short run manufacturing.

Short Run Production

High Temp Beairngs 3D Printed Sand Mold High Temp Bearings Raw Cast Hollow Bearing High Temp Bearings Finished Sleevoil Bearing

Production at a reasonable cost

Large housings and bearings often require casting molds for manufacturing. This can make production using conventional patterns expensive on a one or two piece order.

We can produce complex single use casting molds and manage the subsequent foundry setup. This allows us to cast low production components with an affordable single use pattern.

No tooling is extracted from sand during the mold making process, eliminating the need for draft. We can cast near the final shape using domestic ASTM grade iron and aluminum alloys.

Partial list of specialty options
  • Custom hydrodynamic and sleeve bearing engineering, design and fabrication
  • Stellite 6 bearing and cobalt alloy liners: High temperature wear resistance to 950 °F.
  • HTB Ferritic nitro carburization, treatment for high temperature wear and corrosion resistance to 1100 °F.
  • 300 series steel and nickel alloy construction for service above 1200 °F
  • HTB CG series polymer, Babbitt-like performance to 400 °F, 20x more wear life, 1/2 the friction, excellent corrosion resistance, non-conductive..
  • Solid carbon lubrication, 600 °F dry carbon lubrication of roller and ball bearings
  • High temperature grease and oil selection for low PM, continuous service applications
  • Bearing grade high temperature graphite, PTFE composite and bronze made into any shape and installed into any holder
  • Fully split geometry
  • Custom bearing housings and holders