CG-Series Hydrodynamic Bearings

CG Series Bearings: No Compromise

CG Series hydrodynamic bearings operate under load with an oil film fully separating all bearing surfaces. They share matching dimensions with water cooled bearings, for easy interchange, but eliminate all need for forced cooling. There is no compromise in load capacity, top speed or stability.

CG-1 Bearing
CG-1 Series

Fully housed, split, self-contained water and air cooling free bearing capable of accepting radial and axial loads, interchangeable with Dodge Sleevoil™ RTL bearings

CG-3 Bearing
CG-3 Series

Drop-in replacement liner for Dodge Sleevoil™ R-Series bearings (PL-WC and PL-XC) that eliminates the need for water and air cooling, while still using the existing Dodge brand housing.

CG-X Rebabbitted Bearing
CG-X Rebabbitting

For any babbitted bearing: improve wear by 185x, up to 2x greater operating temperature, eliminate water cooling, more start/stop cycles, protection from bearing wipe failure.

Oil Ring
Split Oil Rings

Split bronze trapezoidal oil rings for CG-series bearings, interchangeable with oil rings found on Dodge Sleevoil™ bearings

Thrust collar
Split Thrust Collars

Split high tensile and hardened thrust collars for CG-series bearings, interchangeable with collars found on Dodge Sleevoil™ bearings

Thrust collar
Split Thrust Plates

Split bronze thrust plates for CG-series bearings. Standard bumper thrust, medium and high capacity options.

Reliability and Savings

An average of 2.25 million gallons of water a year, per bearing, is saved by converting from a Dodge Sleevoil™ to a CG-series bearing. Traditional Sleevoil™ bearing failures are eliminated from clogged or frozen water lines, failed supply pumps, leaks, and condensation. Cooling lines, pumps, heat tracing, and insulation are no longer needed reducing maintenance hours. The CG series bearing is 185x more wear resistant than conventional Babbitt lined bearings, allowing for more startup and shutdown cycles. HTB has eight years of proven installs in demanding applications, such as FD, ID, PA and RA fans in all types of arrangements.

Steel mill baghouse fans CG-1 bearings eleminate water cooling


HTB will assist in the application feasibility, selection of the proper bearing and lubrication. The application load, speed, and temperature must thoroughly be evaluated to estimate bearing performance.

Sleeve oil manufacturing

CG Series Bearing Benefits

  • 100% Made in the United States of America
  • No forced cooling needed
  • Fully housed and split bearing system
  • Continuous operation up to 400 °F with proper lubrication
  • 185x the wipe resistance of babbitt metal and 30% lower dry sliding friction
  • Precision self-aligning full spherical bearing design
  • Oil ring or circulated oil lubrication setup options
  • High or low speed, high load capacity and very low friction torque
  • Long bearing life
  • Very low noise and excellent vibration dampening
  • Rugged construction: Heavy duty cast iron housing and ductile iron bearing core
  • Standard units available for interchange with Dodge RTL, and R-series (PL-WC and PL-XC) bearings
  • Online bearing selection tools

Made to order designs available on request, contact High Temp Bearings, Inc. for details.
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