Dry Carbon Solid Lubrication

Dry Carbon Lubrication

Dry Carbon Solid Lubrication (DCSL) produces a dry lubricating graphite layer on the friction surfaces of the bearing that is stable to 660°F. It will not evaporate, oxidize or run and can be used with most bearings, from 1/8" to 25", that have a metal cage separating the balls or rollers.

Bearings processed with DCSL are completely lubricated and filled across the full width of the bearing. The microscopic clearance between the solid lubricant and components of the bearing protect it from dirt, dust, or other contaminants. Additional seals or shields are not required.

Graphite lubricant packing Spherical roller bearing packing

Bearings in high temperature service

Typical bearings, made from 52100 alloy steel, undergo a loss of hardness at temperatures above 300°F. For application above 250°F, heat stabilized steel bearings with C4 internal clearance such as our HU Series Bearings should be used.

DCSL features
  • Usable temperature range: -250°F to 660°F
  • Low starting torque that is constant across the entire usable temperature range, similar to free-spinning bearings.
  • Will not be washed out by steam and is not affected by most common solvents, acids, and alkalies.
  • Environmentally safe and will not drip or fling even in extreme temperatures.
  • Effectively seals the bearing, protecting it from dust, dirt, or other contaminants.
  • DCSL is a dry lubricant, eliminating the possibility of contaminants sticking to grease.
  • Extremely low out gassing characteristics in high vacuum applications.
  • Lubricated for life, no additional lubrication ever

DCSL limitations
  • Not for use with needle bearings and some thrust bearings
  • DCSL does not inhibit corrosion. If corrosion prevention is needed, stainless steel or FNCER treated hardware is required.
  • Not recommended for high impact applications, Vibration or moderate impact will not normally affect DCSL

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