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HT carbon sleeve bearings are manufactured in the United States and have been used around the world in the most demanding applications for over 17 years. Our bearings are in thousands of installations, including power generation, ovens, conveyors, kilns, ventilation units, and more. We offer a variety of mounted bearing housings in solid and fully split, including all 2-bolt flanges, 4-bolt flanges, and pillow blocks, for bore sizes up to 6 inches.

Bearing Construction

Mounted Carbon Sleeve Bearing 4 Bolt flange Carbon Sleeve Bearing Stainless 2 bolt flange Carbon sleeve bearing

Self-aligning, maintenance free, HT750 or HT1000 bearing in a cast iron or cast 304 stainless steel housing. All of our bearings use our proven design that maintains the self-aligning capability of the bearing by preventing oxidation of the spherical surfaces.

Standard: Corrosion resistant, nickel plated, self-aligning alloy steel retaining ring, with an enamel painted 35 ksi cast iron housing

Corrosive service: 304 cast steel housing and self-aligning backing ring, able to perform in applications up to 1500°F. 304 Stainless steel is widely accepted as an excellent material for use in washdown service.

Fully split: Split construction in ductile iron

HT750, HT1000 carbon and NT600 materials are engineered to resist the adhesion of rust and scale, significantly reducing the risk of bearing seizure on infrequent use applications such as dampers and actuators located outdoors. NT600 material is chemically inert and non-galvanic to all shaft materials.

HTB Sleeve Bearing Temperature Range
HT750 Carbon-Graphite:

For a broad range of service requirements, including high to low temperature and wet applications requiring precise mechanical positioning. Rated for continuous service from -40°F to 750°F. Self-lubricating, maintenance free.

HT1000 Carbon-Graphite:

For very hot or cold applications from -200°F to 1000°F requiring precise mechanical positioning. Not for use between -40°F and 250°F. HT1000 is for extreme temperatures only. Self-lubricating, maintenance free.

NT600 PTFE Composite:

For elevated, low temperature and corrosive applications from -400°F to 500°F. Reduces motor torque and rolling resistance by 10x to 100x vs. an equivalent carbon sleeve. Excellent for conveyor systems, noise control, resistance to shock loads and exceptionally long wear life. Self-lubricating, maintenance free.

Sleeve Bearing Data

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Flange Dimensions

Sleeve bearing dimensions, 2D and 3D drawings, static and dynamic load capacity

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