CG-3 Hydrodynamic Bearings

CG3 Core

A direct drop-in replacement for the Dodge R-Series Sleevoil™ PL-WC or PL-XC bearing liner that installs directly into an existing Dodge R-series Sleevoil™ bearing housing and eliminates the need for water or air cooling.

A proven record of conversion

CG-3 bearings are in critical applications with many industrial and power generation facilities in the United States. Users save thousands of dollars per year, per bearing, in operating cost, versus traditional water-cooled bearings. On average each CG-3 bearing installed saves 1.7 million gallons of pumped water per year, eliminating a large portion of the plant water or air distribution system including water or airlines, insulation, pumps, treatment chemicals, and required maintenance.

CG-3 Retrofit
CG3 Retrofit 2

CG-3 Construction

Made from domestic ductile iron, machined and inspected using both automated inspection technology and manual checks. The bearing is manufactured to easily install into an existing dodge R-series housing and eliminate all need for forced cooling. CG-3 series split thrust collars, oil rings and housing cover plates will interchange with Dodge R-series Sleevoil™ hardware.

Made in America

High Temp Bearings Inc. hydrodynamic bearings are manufactured in the United States.

CG-3 Selection

Prior to conversion, during normal operation the shaft temperature must be measured, by IR gun, exiting the fan housing. If a shaft neck down is present or a cooling disk, temperature must be taken at the shaft portion that is at the bearing bore diameter farthest from the bearing face. The approximate distance must be documented. If measurements are taken too close to a water or air cooled bearing, temperatures readings will be lower.

A copy of a general arrangement drawing (GA) and any special bearing features should be provided to HTB for evaluation. Features such as a liner undercut, non-standard bore, special thrust plates, integral shaft collars or plant experience with the equipment may impact the final product bill of materials and finishing.

For a complete technical bearing selection, evaluation is best done by direct inquiry to High Temp Bearings. We will assist with identifying the information necessary and provide a full complementary analysis.

Dodge Sleevoil R-Series to CG-3 Part Crossover

CG3 and Sleevoil R Core

Shaft Size
CG-3 Bearing*
R-Series PL-WC Liner
R-Series PL-XC Liner P/N
R-Series WC Liner P/N
STL Non-Exp. Pillow Block
STL Exp. Pillow Block
SSL Exp. Pillow Block
3-7/16" CG3-3438x 132951 - - 134221 132990 132992
3-15/16" CG3-3938x - 132952 133590 134222 134200 134207
4-7/16" CG3-4438x - 132953 133591 134223 134201 134208
4-15/16" CG3-4938x - 132954 133592 134224 134202 134209
5-7/16" CG3-5438x - 132955 133593 134225 134203 134210
6" CG3-6000x - 132956 133594 134226 134204 134211
7" CG3-7000x - 132958 133596 134227 134205 134212

*CG-3 Bearing P/N "x", reference "E" for expansion, "N" for non-expansion

CG-3 Bearing Information

Bearing simulation, manuals and technical data sheets
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