CG-1 Hydrodynamic Bearings

CG1 Hydrodynamic bearing

A direct replacement for the Dodge RTL Sleevoilâ„¢ that eliminates the need for water cooling. The CG-1 is a cooling free, housed, fully split, self-aligning, hydrodynamic bearing with the same performance as a water cooled Dodge RTL Sleevoilâ„¢ bearing.

A proven record of conversion

CG-1 bearings are in many critical applications with manufacturers and power plants in the United States. Our users save thousands of dollars per year, per bearing, in operating cost, versus traditional water-cooled bearings. On average each CG-1 bearing installed saves 2.9 million gallons of pumped water per year, eliminating a large portion of the plant water or air distribution system including water or airlines, insulation, pumps, treatment chemicals, hot water retention capacity, and required maintenance.

CG1 Hydrodynamic bearing


CG-1 Construction

Housings are heavy duty cast iron with an extra thick solid base, making a ridged vibration dampening assembly. Each is equipped with highly configurable labyrinth seals with built-in optional air sealing and felt packing. The housing also can use third party bearing isolators, connection to a circulated oil system, and installation of conventional thermal and vibration sensors. The bearing is self-aligning with a full spherical seat, uses a centrally located thrust bearing for non-expansion service, and can operate as a fully self-contained unit using oil rings.

Made in America

 High Temp Bearings Inc. hydrodynamic bearings are manufactured in the United States.

CG-1 Selection

For a complete technical bearing selection, evaluation is best done by direct inquiry to High Temp Bearings. We will assist with identifying the information necessary and provide a full complementary analysis.

Dodge RTL Sleevoil to CG-1 Part Crossover:

Shaft Size
CG-1 Bearing
RTL Non-Expansion P/N
RTLExpansion P/N
RTL Core Part P/N
3-7/16" CG1-3438-x 132362 132474 132420
3-15/16" CG1-3938-x 132363 132475 132421
4-7/16" CG1-4438-x 132634 132476 132422
4-15/16" CG1-4938-x 132365 132477 132423
5-7/16" CG1-5438-x 132366 132383 132424
6" CG1-6000-x 132367 132384 132425

CG-1 Bearing Information

Bearing simulation, manuals and technical data sheets
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